Whole Home HEPA 1000 UV

Whole House Duct Mount HEPA Air Cleaner with ultra violet light & photo catalytic filter
The Pure IAQ UV HEPA 1000 is the ultimate air purification system for people with chemical sensitivity or just concerned with the amount of chemicals in our indoor air. This system does not only remove dust and very small particulate with the HEPA filter it neutralizes many airborne house hold chemicals. We all know our indoor air is way more polluted with chemicals than the air outdoors. The Pure IAQ UV HEPA 1000 offers FIVE levels of filtration making it one of a kind in its class.

This patent pending combination uses HEPA, UVC germicidal light (non ozone producing) and PCO (photo catalytic oxidation). It removes and destroys atmospheric dust, odours, biological and chemical contaminates. Two UV lights are enclosed in a reflector which intensifies the UV rays.

Unique Photo Catalytic Oxidization filter (PCO) has a high surface exchange capability this allows the UV light into the mass of material. This allows more absorption throughout the whole PCO filter. The combination of UV light and the PCO filter decomposes organic materials (VOC’s) into basic molecules such as water and carbon dioxide.

Standard Features

  • Carbon pre-filter protects the HEPA filter by removing the large particles and some odours
  • Long life HEPA media filter removes 99.97% of particles at .3 micron
  • Two UVC germicidal light bulbs of the highest quality (Philips bulbs from Europe)
  • PCO- Photo Catalytic Oxidization filter with high surface capacity
  • Carbon Potassium Permanganate final filter for removal of VOC’s and light gases
  • Powerful German made motor delivers 250 CFM of air without adding static pressure to the HVAC system
  • One piece wrap, steel construction to eliminate air leakage
  • Powder coated with low VOC paint to finish it off

PRICE $2999.00 plus tax