We spend on average 40 hours a week in our offices. In that timeframe, we breathe in a lot of air. Consider that, according to recent studies by environmental groups in the US and Canada, office pollution is often at extremely high levels, much higher than at home, due to the presence of toxic dust. Long-term exposure to this kind of workplace pollution can cause significant problems, including developing asthma and allergies. Pure Air Experts helps building managers and business owners find solutions so you can feel confident that your office air is the healthiest air possible.

For example, beauty salons emit a lot of chemicals into the air as a result of hair and nail treatments. Both employees and clients are exposed to potential unhealthy air. But with Pure Air Expert’s innovative air purification methods, business owners and their customers can breathe easy.

Let the Pure Air Experts come into your workplace to help create a custom air quality plan specific to your needs. All workplaces should have proper ventilation and filtration. The most important advanced filtration technology on the market for workplaces is currently HEPA filtration systems and the Pure Air Experts can help you find the best system for your building.

Once installed we will never leave you in the dark. Our team of expert air professionals can help you determine maintenance needs and provide their expertise whenever needed. Start your path to a healthier you and fresh air by calling Pure Air Experts today to set up your consultation.