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Air Pollutant Resources

Being educated about the kinds of pollutants that exist indoors, as well as how to prevent them, is important. We’ve gathered some expert resources if you’d like to learn more. Basic Information About Indoor Air Quality There are three basic strategies to improve indoor air quality Measuring Pollutant Levels and Weatherizing Your Home What if You Live in an Apartment? [...]

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Office Air Quality

We spend on average 40 hours a week in our offices. In that timeframe, we breathe in a lot of air. Consider that, according to recent studies by environmental groups in the US and Canada, office pollution is often at extremely high levels, much higher than at home, due to the presence of toxic dust. Long-term exposure to this kind [...]

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Home Air Quality

Home is where you and your family spend most of your time. You need the air you breathe in it to be the healthiest air possible. Pure Air Experts offers one-of-a-kind solutions to ensure your home’s air is fresh. Our custom services include working with small, unique spaces, such as apartments or condo units. Many people don't realize that our [...]

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Indoor Air Quality 101

We hear a lot about pollution in the atmosphere, such as car exhaust and smoke. But the average person may not realize all of the health issues caused by the pollution of indoor air. Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and hypersensitivity pneumonia. It can also cause headaches, [...]

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Health and Air Quality

According to the EPA, indoor air quality is more hazardous than outdoor air, because indoor air pollution has a two-to-five times higher average Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) level than outdoor air. Modern construction techniques have also created buildings that are almost air tight allowing nothing to escape, including household pollution. Ironically, in many modern buildings, the outside air is often [...]

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